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FristiLeaks 1.3 Writeup - VulnHub

FristiLeaks 1.3 is a VulnHub box that I used to prepare for the OSCP exam. It’s by far one of my favorite VulnHub boxes I’ve done, as it involves some fun and simple reversing/code analysis. It also involves practice hopping around and enumerating a Linux environment from the perspective of multiple users, and requires some creative thinking.The challenge begins by using some simple guesswork to find a login portal. The source code of this login portal cotains an HTML comment that leaks a base64 encoded image. After decoding the image, we are able to gather the password used to login to web application. We exploit the web application’s upload functionality to upload a PHP reverse shell and get a reverse shell. Privilege escalation involves abusing a cronjob, reversing a simple python cryptography algorithm, reusing passwords, and a sudo misconfiguration to finally gather root.

Kioptrix Level 1.3 (#4) Writeup - VulnHub

Kioptrix Level 1.3 is the fourth iteration of the Kioptrix VulnHub challenges. It involves taking advantage of a SQL injection vulnerablility to login to a simple web application that leaks user credentials. Using these credentials we can connect to the box via SSH. Unfortunately, our SSH sessions spawn a restricted shell with very limited command availability. We use echo to spawn a full bash shell and escape these confines, from which we enumerate the box and find MySQL credentials. MySQL is running as root and we are able to use sys_exec to set the setuid bit on /bin/bash. From here we can simply execute the binary and receieve a root shell.

Kioptrix Level 1.2 (#3) Writeup - VulnHub

Kioptrix Level 1.2 continues the Kioptrix VulnHub series, and provides great experience with reusing credentials, attacking common web applications, and cracking hashed passwords. We start by exploiting LotusCMS to get a shell as www-data. From there, we find MySQL credentials that we use to login to phpMyAdmin and dump hashed user passwords. Finally, after cracking and logging in using these credentials, we exploit a sudo misconfiguration that allows us to privilege escalate using the ht text editor.

Kioptrix Level 1.1 (#2) Writeup - VulnHub

Kioptrix Level 1.1 is the next box in the series of Kioptrix VulnHub boxes. This box ups the ante from its predecessor, beginning with a simple SQL injection exploit to gain access to a web console. The web console can be bypassed to execute code, which we use to get a simple reverse shell. Finally, we successfully privilege escalate to root using a kernel exploit. As with the entire Kioptrix series, this challengs is pretty outdated, and the real-world applicability is questionable, but it’s great OSCP prep and learning material.